New: FREE Shipping to USA


Everything ships using USPS Priority Mail.

Shipping within the USA is now FREE a flat rate of $9 per order. 1 mold or 5+ molds, still one flat rate.

For international orders we are limited by weight:
up to 4 molds costs flat rate of $35,
5 to 20 molds costs flat rate of $85 Free. Buy 5+ molds, get free shipping.

International Delivery takes 7-14 days on average.


I have had several people ask if I am interested in trades/barter.

Yes, I am.
Send me an email and make me an offer. I'll probably say no, but until you ask, we'll never know. :)

For a solid yes: I am interested in gold/silver in the form of wire, coins, bars, bullion; and silver scrap / grain for melting/casting. 


- Do you accept crypto?

Yes. My current favorite is HNT for its flat $0.35 transaction fees, and the fact it actually does something productive and tangible in meatspace, rather than just burn electricity like most crypto...; but I will also accept USDC/USDT.