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About Us

I got started in machining and metalworking back in the early 2000's. The idea for these molds came to me around 2009-2010. I was shopping in a large store with a buddy of mine. It was right after I saw some very badly made import molds. I just stood there thinking;

> Seriously? You're asking money for *this*? Well dang... I could make something way better than that...

And so I did. 

It took a while though...

I have many failed tries and prototypes to show for it. Here's one from 2013:

And another from 2016:

With many more pictures and failures along the way.

It's easy to make one or two molds for personal use. I'm sure you have a buddy that's done it. It is an entirely different endeavor to come up with a design; a process; a manufacturing workflow that works reliably and consistently to make thousands. And not just quantity, but Quality. Through a lot of time and hard work I've come up with something that works, and that I am proud of. The mold you order today is the best made mold you'll have bought yet. That is why I proudly put my name on it.

Over three thousand of you folks have placed an order so far. 

Thank you for supporting American Made manufacturing!

I make everything by hand in my workshop in NE Minneapolis, Minnesota. Using American billet aluminum for the molds, and Minnesota grown walnut trees for the handles.




Using CNC machines and equipment supplied from another great American company, Tormach. They even made a video on me, check it out: